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doctorbristle asked:

Octavia and Vinyl, my name is Doctor Bristle. I am an earth pony who is the element of faith. I am originally a human being, yet I my took on a pony form after I created my Tumblr account. I am looking for somepony to go with me to the annual Tumblr pony prom, which is a prom that is a semi-formal dance or gathering of ponies. It is where we can dance, listen to music, drink beverages, talk, and even eating food. I know we are just acquaintances, but will you two go with me to the pony prom?

Sorry, but we are far too busy to be attending prom. I hope you can find someone else to go with.

Did you just ask two girls out to prom at the same time?

doctorbristle asked:

Octavia, I want to let you know that whatever you just pulled off during April Fools day tempts me to join you and Vinyl Scratch. Please do not tempt a human like me. I know that you and Vinyl Scratch are attempting to make a sex tape. I can love you for who you are, but you do not have to show yourself off as a sex symbol.

Vinyl: Lemme get one thing straight. Nobody is invited to “join” in our private affairs. And Tavi isn’t a sex symbol. She’s my sex symbol.

Octavia: Scratch, chill…I think everyone understands it was just an April Fools joke.

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